Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy for our Ambassador Program

You must not use any misleading or deceptive claims in advertising copy. You are solely responsible for following all federal, state and local laws, regulations and rules regarding advertising claims, including but not limited to the Federal Trade Commission’s Disclosure Guidelines. You must adhere to all the editorial guidelines and search advertising terms and conditions set forth by each search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN; Ask), including any updates to those terms in the future. Where search engine guidelines and these Terms and Conditions conflict, you must follow these Terms and Conditions. When creating ads, videos, or other online content that publishes your affiliate link on websites, Kadance Shop's brand image needs to be kept in mind. Sites, where you advertise, cannot be associated with content that's vulgar, racist, sexual, or otherwise deemed offensive by Kadance Shop. You must remove all ads and videos from websites deemed offensive within 24 hours of being notified by Kadance Shop.

The Kadance Shop logo cannot be altered or changed. 

Our affiliates enjoy an extra discount for personal, non-transferable use. It is not accumulative with other ongoing discounts. And it is not applicable to Amazon products (with its distinct View on Amazon button), nor into other affiliate programs to which Kadance Shop is affiliated (e.g. Fancy).